Baby Signing for Early Years: Nursery Testimonial

The Aunties, having exceptionally high standards, are very particular when selecting external trainers. Little Signers Club came to train our staff in Baby Signing techniques, and surpassed all our expectations. From the outset, our trainer seized the audience’s attention, with her warm, erudite, and enthusiastic style of delivery.
It was clear that our trainer is a consummate communicator and her extensive knowledge, passion and sense of purpose regarding the proven benefits to children of baby signing were both thought-provoking and truly inspiring.  She was totally engaged with her audience throughout the session. We all (including those with decades of experience) learnt not only a profusion of signs, but also the reasons, supported by a raft of research evidence, as to their importance in augmenting young children’s communication skills.
All this was accomplished with a great sense of fun and a unique brand of grace and professional aplomb! The Aunties would wholeheartedly recommend Little Signers Club as providing a most knowledgeable, conscientious and capable trainer – and, indeed, we fully intend to continue employing her services, having already booked our next workshop!

The Old School Nursery, Oxfordshire

GOLD Investors In People / OFSTED Outstanding

Would you like to implement signing in your nursery or Early Years Workplace?

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Baby signing – more contented little ones

“I came to your signing class before Christmas in Leighton Buzzard. I just wanted to say how great it has been. We have kept up with it and my daughter started signing for milk when she was about 9 months old and now (she is just 1) she signs for when she is hungry and when she wants more food. It is wonderful to have her communicate with us, and it not just be a one way thing. It also leads to a very contented baby as she can tell us the main things that she wants.

Thanks so much”


Join Little Signers Club baby signing classes and learn how to communicate with your baby using simple signs; Baby signing results in calmer, more contented babies who can express their needs clearly, without resorting to tears or tantrums.

Classes near you:

Free Baby Signing – near you!

Little Signers Club teachers run FREE baby signing sessions in their local areas.  Absolutely everyone is welcome to come along to get to grips with some simple signs, meet your local teacher or ask any questions about baby signing that you may have.

If you would like to organise a free baby signing taster session for your nursery, toddler group, NCT group, group of friends, pre-school, children’s centre, baby fair or absolutely anywhere else, please do get in touch with your local teacher or contact us and we’ll pop you in touch directly.

Up and Coming FREE baby signing sessions in JUNE 2011


Thursday 16th June
Venue: Aylesbury Library

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Friday 24th June; 9.30-11am
Venue: Pick ‘n’ Mix Toddler Group, St Nicholas Pavilion, Pilgrims Way Stevenage. (Toddler group fees apply £2 for 1 adult + 2 children)

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Sunday 26th June; 1pm, 2pm, 3pm 4pm
Venue: Maternal Touch Stall, Stevenage Carnival, Fairlands South, Stevenage.

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Watford – Picnic in the Park to celebrate the 10th Birthday of the Alexandra Birthing Centre.

Saturday 18th June, 1.30pm
Venue: Cassiobury Park Watford 12pm – 3pm

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Watford Live!
Saturday 25th June, 11.00am
Venue: Watford North Library

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We’ll post more as they are updated! Please do check back at the beginning of July for new dates.

Exploring First Signs; Eat

Today we are focussing on the sign for EAT.

The Sign for EAT; copyright Cath Smith from the LETS SIGN series at Deafbooks and used under license

How to do this sign: Form hand into a wedge shape (known as a bunched hand) and make two short movements towards your mouth.

When to do this sign: Anytime when you are giving your baby food or asking them if they would like something to eat.
Offering your baby something to eat is another common daily routine once you have started weaning and allows for plenty of opportunities to sign with your little one.  It’s also slightly easier to sign with them as your baby tends to be in a high chair or sat down initially and their focus is on you.
When you offer your baby some food, make the EAT sign and say the word EAT as well.   There tend to be three times that you can repeat the word and sign in context to your baby; regular exposure and repetition of signs is absolutely key to signing success.
You may say “Would you like something to EAT?”  followed by “Here is a xxxxx to EAT”  and “would you like some more to EAT?”  Each time, you have an ideal platform to be introducing the EAT sign.
Lots of parents would like to know individual food items and mealtimes as signs; when your baby is around 12 -15 months old, this is an ideal time to introduce more complex food signs so that they can inform you of their choices. In the early stages of signing though we recommend that you simply use the EAT sign for all mealtimes and foods as its simply too confusing for your baby.  As babies develop their preferences for foods and if they have a very favorite food, then this is an ideal time to be expanding your signing vocabulary.
When your baby starts signing EAT they will not have sufficient motor skill control to make a wedge shaped hand.  The most common ways in which babies and young toddler sign for EAT is by putting a flat spread hand (starlike) against their mouth and patting or by putting one or more fingers in their mouth.
Tomorrow we will be investigating the sign for DRINK.

National Storytelling Week

This week is National Storytelling Week and here at Little Signers Club there is not much we like more than a good story, except of course, when it is a signed story…

With that in mind, sign of the week in my house has definitely been “poisonous wart!”
Well, when you are 2 and a half and your favourite book is The Gruffalo, what else do you expect?

I love that I have a signing toddler. She may not be able to read the book yet, but she knows the words and she knows the signs. How fabulous that at 2 and a half you can have access to all of that vocabulary – literally at your fingertips! I can’t wait for her to tell me I have knobbly knees and turned out toes!

When you are starting out, a signed story doesn’t have to be as complicated as The Gruffalo. Try simple baby books with clear pictures and not so many words to a page. Remember that you don’t have to sign every word and just pick out the ones you know. Then prop the book on your lap to free up your hands – and off you go

If you want some inspiration try – a wonderful resource, you can play each story with spoken words and signs. You need to remember that they are signing every word and for those of us signing with babies less is definitely more for a while – but we are sure you will recognise some of the words and hope that this will give you confidence to sign some more stories yourselves.

Have fun with your stories this week. What is your favourite? We would love to know how you get on signing it!