Signing for Early Years Settings – New Training Announced!

We’re really pleased to announce our new Signing for Early Years Training that we are gearing up for around the country this year!

Signing for Early Years Professionals with Communication Development Training (birth to five years)

Confirmed Dates:

Cambridgeshire:   Sunday 23rd March at The Little Miracles Centre, Peterborough

Hertfordshire:      Saturday 26th April at Orchard Children’s Centre, Tring

London:                 Saturday 28th June venue TBC

Tyne and Wear:   Saturday 26th July venue TBC (Newcastle)

What can you expect?

Little Signers Club is offering you the opportunity to be a part of our developing Early Years Programme that will help change young children’s lives for the better.

Join us for a fun and informative half day training session with practical outcomes that can be implemented immediately!

• LEARN the benefits of signing

• SUPPORT speech development

• ENHANCE communication interactions

• INTRODUCE basic first signs at your workplace, setting, home or club

• REDUCE tantrums, frustration, stress ( we guarantee it )

• OFFER peace of mind

 Our Communication Development Training is delivered by a Lead Practitioner for the Early Language Development Programme – a D of E initiative with I CAN to raise awareness of the importance of Early Years Communication and Language.

Our Signing for Early Years Settings Training has been especially developed to support anyone working in early years to aid pre-verbal communication and how signing supports and enhances speech development. We also look at respectful, responsive care and how signing encourages both, leading to far less distress, upset and misunderstanding and ensuring that even a young child can have their basic needs met.

Speech, Language and Communications Skills throughout the UK are at a critical level (Berkow Review 2008).

Using signing, in conjunction with speech, is a simple but effective way to build language and communication skills inclusively. Help even very young children to develop confidence that their need to can be understood.

*Resources and printables included.

Who should attend?

• Children’s Centre Staff

• Health Visitors

• Nursery Nurses

• Family Support Workers

• Outreach Workers

• Pre-school Staff

• Nannies

• Childminders

• Teachers

• Parents


Who to Contact: for more information and booking forms.