*Blush* – A glowing testimonial!

From Anges – and Baby A

“I have the privilege of going to signing classes with Bethan of Little Signers Club – South West and having attended courses by competitors here is what I want to say: I love the down to earth and caring approach of Little Signers Club.

The teacher has taken the time to explain lots of little tips about signing, from not worrying about only have one hand to sign, to explaining how baby’s signs might not be that clear at the beginning whereas with the other signing company, we were just “plonked” into the signing and singing with no preparation having to run before we could walk and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. This made me feel stupid and un-welcomed like I was joining an exclusive group only to watch.

“Our hands talk constantly, they communicate beyond words”

The other thing which I love with my experience with Little Signers is the fact they use “real songs” instead of creating their own (which competitors did and which supposedly increases their sales because you have to buy their CDs). This means that when the babies launch into their favourite nursery rhymes, you can join in with your signs… and I find that fabulous.

I highly recommend Shelley At Little Signers and her teachers well above their competitors. Voila, I said what I had to say and it comes from first hand experience as a mum of a gorgeous little girl.

On top of it you get a lovely little book about signing as part of your course. It is absolutely great value for money.”

Thank you so much Anges for taking the time to write your thoughts down and share them with us – and a glowing accolade for Bethan!

You can find a Little Signers Club class here and more about our courses (and course book!) here.

If there isn’t a class near you yet, please join our mailing list as we have lots of new classes starting from September :0)

Little Signers Club – baby signing fun for you and your little one!


Great Giveaways!

We’re thrilled to have been given not 1 but 2 copies of the brand new children’s meditation CD “Drift Away” from Kate Beddow at Growing Spirit to give away!

Drift Away is a CD of seven relaxing stories/simple guided meditations, suitable for children of all ages. There are stories for relaxation, to calm and to release worries. The first CD of its kind by Kate and Ian Beddow, it is a wonderful introductions to meditation and mindfulness for children and the combination of Kate’s calming words and Ian’s magical musical stories make it an enchanting addition to any home.

One of the tracks, Sea Dreams, was originally created for Little Signers Club as a perfect way for parents and babies to enjoy some bonding time together.  We think that Kate’s new CD is wonderful for parents and little ones of all ages!


Sea Dreams; Playroom Stars; Space Adventure; In the Fairy Wood; Drift Away; Release your Worries; Woodland Walk

You can find out more about Kate’s work at www.katebeddow.co.uk or find her on Facebook at Growing Spirit Kids.

If you’d like to be included in the DRIFT AWAY GIVEAWAY, simply comment on this post or on our link on Facebook.  Please share!

We’ll draw two winner’s at random on Sunday 15th April 2012.  Full terms and conditions