Little Signing Sack; Little Red Tractor

Little signing sackInteractive signing fun for your little one – with Little Signers Club  weekly (virtual) Little Signing Sacks!

Each week we’ll be popping a new video sign or two up on our Facebook page that you can use with your baby or toddler; learn new signs, favourite nursery rhymes and if you want to, a recommendation for a lovely themed book to purchase or get from the library.

This week my boy is Two. And he is Tractor mad. So this week, just because I can and because I know it will delight lots of small people everywhere, we have The Little Red Tractor which is a fabulous interactive song that your little one will love.

Step One: you’ll need your sign!

Click the links for the BSL Sign for TRACTOR

Step Two: a favourite rhyme to practice them with!

(bolded words are words to sign along to, tune is Bobby Shaftoe)

Bouncing up and down

(place your baby / toddler on your knee; bounce up and down together)

on my little red tractor

Bouncing up and down

on my little red tractor

Bouncing up and down

on my little red tractor

We can bring in the hay, hey!


Step Three: a story to snuggle up and enjoy together

That's not my tractor

which you can find just here!

We hope you enjoy this weeks Virtual Signing Sack from Little Signers Club. If you have something you’d like to see as part of the Little Signing Sack, please pop by and let us know over on our Facebook page.

Until next week….. “Keep Signing!”


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