A sign for Gruffalo….

The Gruffalo is a book that nearly every child will be familiar with – and if it hasn’t made it to your collection yet, it no doubt will in the near future!

I’ve been meaning to post this blog for a while – but I am sure you know how it is with small children and a new baby; sleep becomes a little bit more important.  But the sun is shining today and my little ones are on a playdate so I have some time to dedicate to this – hooray!

Our wonderful teacher Carole has an equally amazing little boy called George. And George decided a couple of years ago that a sign was very definitely needed for The Gruffalo – so he made one up!

We described it to Cath Smith ( the UK’s leading Early Years BSL author) who we work with closely and she kindly made George’s sign into a sign graphic.

British Sign Language Graphic for GRUFFALO
copyright Little Signers Club 2010-2012
graphic copyright Cath Smith from the Lets Sign series


Fingerspell G followed by sign for devil; index and little finger are extended from a closed hand, palm forward and tap twice on forehead

We really hope you enjoy using this sign with your little ones!  You are very welcome to perpetuate the sign but please ensure that the copyright information is included.

“Thanks so much for bringing The Gruffalo alive for our children and young people for World Book Day. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback including that it was great fun and it was good inspiration for how stories could be introduced in literacy sessions.”


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